Symbolics is currently a privately held company which acquired the assets and intellectual property of the old public company called Symbolics, Inc. The old Symbolics was the premier producer of special-purpose computer systems for running and developing state-of-the-art object-oriented programs in Lisp. It designed and built workstations as well as writing a fully object-oriented operating system and development environment called "Genera" to run on those workstations. Symbolics also created a number of software tools to work with Genera.  The new Symbolics continues to sell and maintain these products, along with Open Genera which runs on Alpha processor based workstations running Tru64 Unix.  If you would like to know why you should be interested in developing your application in Genera, click here to see 25 reasons. Symbolics also distributes the Macsyma and PDEase software products for Windows PCs.

If you previously purchased Macsyma and would like to upgrade to version 2.4, click here to check out our


If you have any questions about Symbolics, its products or services, please contact:

-- David Schmidt
-- Dir. of Sales & Maintenance Operations
-- P.O. Box 10862, Burke, VA 22009
-- 703-455-0430 (voice)

Send bug reports to Kalman Reti at