PDEase is general purpose software that uses Finite Element Analysis to obtain numerical solutions to a large class of partial differential equations.  PDEase is integrated with the Macsyma Front End, providing many easy-to-use Macsyma notebook and graphics capabilities.

PDEase can be used to solve most two-dimensional steady-state problems and two-dimensional time-dependent problems such as heat-flow, stress/strain, electromagnetic, diffusion, chemical-reaction, streamline-flow and viscous-flow.  PDEase solves these problems even when they involve multiple partial differential equations and substantial non-linearity.

The principal features of PDEase are:

The price for the Macsyma 2.4 CD with license keys for the Windows version of PDEase, Macsyma and Numkit is $500.  If you would like to purchase a copy, please send an e-mail to macsyma@symbolics-dks.com requesting a quote and payment instructions.